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Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness

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Even with the most proactive wellbeing services some ill-health is inevitable so ensuring that your staff are supported and are receiving the appropriate care is vital. Providing early, evidence-based and robust advice allows managers to support their staff effectively.

We provide a case management approach to workplace attendance, signposting individuals to available local services to improve their health, and where appropriate, writing to expedite hospital treatment. Recommendations are written in conjunction with management and individual, ensuring all adjustments, recommendations and support are realistic for each workplace setting.

Our aim is to support you to make informed decisions based on best practice and evidence-based guidelines and research, to help maximise your workforce’s health potential.

To help you understand what we do, here are a couple of commonly used terms and their definitions:

Occupational Health is a branch of medicine that is concerned with the impact of the working environment upon a person’s health and how their health can affect their ability to work.

Health Risk Assessment identifies and controls health hazards.  It is a cyclical process aiming at reducing exposure to hazards through effective control measures.

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