Skin Surveillance

Occupational skin disorders are one of the commonest occupational diseases reported in the UK. They arise from skin contact with substances encountered in a work setting. Such problems can have considerable impact on the individual causing discomfort, skin infections, sickness absence and occasionally termination of employment. Evidence suggests that strategies to prevent such problems including control of exposure and training of individuals significantly reduce their incidence. Occupational skin disorders include the worsening of pre-existing skin problems such as eczema.

When do I need skin surveillance?

As part of the risk assessment process, appropriate control measures must be identified to prevent the exposure to identified hazards. Where there is a potential exposure to a hazardous substance personal protective equipment, to include skin protective equipment (gloves), will be used as a last resort. The Personal Protective Equipment Regulations (1992) state that personal protective equipment shall not be suitable unless it takes account of the person(s) who may wear it.

We can provide you with a simple assessment which safeguards the health of your employee and we can provide advice to ensure they maintain the health of their skin.

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