Behavioural Change Coaching

Behaviour-based coaching is an evidence-based intervention on which the primary focus is looking forward and not backwards, in order to achieve a sustainable change to behaviour in a relatively short space of time. It is a non-therapeutic approach dealing with non-clinical problems and challenges which differs from the occupational health medical model and is goal-focused and time-limited.

What happens during behavioural change coaching?

In this time, learnt behaviour or belief is challenged and unlearnt and validated; it challenges the premise that people have inadequate problem-solving skills or may not be able to apply these skills contextually and provides a solution-focused approach to change. By changing how a person views their situations and by challenging thinking traps such as procrastination, indecisiveness and self-doubt through behavioural change coaching, we can help them to develop goal-directed action steps to effect lasting change.

It captures the essence of cognitive behavioural therapy, rational emotive therapy, solution-focused approaches, goal setting theory and social cognitive theory. It works on any level; from worker to the senior management team, for personal and work-related challenges.

In summary, behaviour change is about understanding the individual and their motivation to improve their health and supporting them to set realistic and achievable goals based on their needs and what they want to achieve.

happy workers experiencing benefits of behavioural change coaching

We can offer behavioural change coaching consultations to business in and around West Sussex. Book today to start making an impact on your employee behaviour.

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