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Corporate Behaviour Change

Corporate Behaviour Change

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For any wellbeing programme to be successful there must be an integrated approach; commitment from management and engagement from the workforce. We provide that bridge, helping everyone to work together as a team with regards to workplace health and wellbeing, consistently resulting in individual and/or corporate behaviour change.


We can offer 1:1 coaching for employees who are struggling either emotionally with mental health issues or physically with managing a long-term condition. Absenteeism and presenteeism are an issue for organisations and can cost a lot to manage not only financially but also in productivity.
Coaching helps clients make positive and lasting changes to their health. The coach guides clients through the process of creating a vision for their health and well-being, developing a healthy mindset and healthy habits, and encouraging them to make long term changes.


Managing the health and wellbeing of your workforce can be challenging particularly ensuring everyone’s needs are catered for and your employees remain motivated and engaged with their role and your productivity levels remain high. We offer a consultancy service that supports you to build a workplace that supports the long-term health and wellbeing of all your staff.

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