Fit for Work Medical Assessment(s)

Are your employees fit to do their jobs? Our Fit for Work medical assessment can judge whether an employee is able to work safely without putting themselves or those around them at risk. This can help minimise potential risk to your workforce and should be a key part of your risk assessment strategy – keeping you and your business protected!
forklift truck driver taking fit for work medical assessment

Driver Medicals - i.e. forklift truck driver medicals

According to The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, the most dangerous activity we can do in the workplace is to drive, so ensuring that your workforce is fit and able to drive safely, (and reducing the risk of them being medically incapacitated whilst driving) is very important. Fitness to drive assessments should be undertaken on a regular basis and by an occupational health professional.  They should also be considered if there is a change to a workers’ health or if, for example they are returning from long term absence. The HSE reports that more than a quarter of all road traffic accidents involve someone who is driving as part of their job.

Fitness for working at height

Height is defined by HSE as a place “at height” if (unless the Regulations are followed) a person could be injured falling from it, even if it is at or below ground level.

Making sure that your workers are able to climb safely, do not have conditions which would affect them whilst working at height is important.

Similarly to the driver medicals, employees must be assessed after an accident at work, absence or if there is a change to their health.

worker at height taking fit for work medical assessment
confined space worker taking fit for work medical assessment

Confined space medical

Any space which is enclosed with limited access could be defined as a confirmed space.  Ensuring that your workers can get in and out of this space comfortably is important and if they become trapped could there be a risk to their health (for example lack of oxygen).

A health assessment would cover whether there are any underlying health conditions which would prevent that worker from safely working in a confined space is important as it will protect their health.

Food handler fitness screening

For worker who work with food, there is a requirement to ensure that staff are fit and well in order to prevent any food contamination from occurring.  This is required in the Food Safety Act 1990 and the Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995 and you should make sure that workers are fit and well and do not have any contagious conditions whilst working with and handling food.

factory workers take fit for work medical assessment
man looking at clipboard for fit for work medical assessment for night workers

Night worker assessments

A night worker is a worker who undertakes a large proportion of their work at night and as identified under the Working Time Directive (1999).

As there can be conditions which can be exacerbated by night work there is a requirement for all workers to be offered a health assessment. Whilst there is a duty on employers to offer the assessments, completion by the worker is purely on a voluntary basis.

Our Fit for Work medical assessments include;

We can offer a Fit for Work medical assessment at our office in Burgess Hill most Fridays, or alternatively if you have a number of people, we can come to your site/office.

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