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If there are concerns that either work is adversely affecting an employee’s health, or an employee’s health is adversely affecting their work, a referral should be made to OH to provide guidance and advice on how to manage the situation. If need be a practitioner will also advise the employee on what they can do to affect the situation. At Global OHS we have experienced experts that can help you handle just such a situation.
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When do I need management referrals?

Managers may refer a member of staff for an assessment and advice where there is concern about the person’s health in relation, for example, to their performance or following long term or frequent sickness absence. An assessment can identify any health related issues and provide objective information.

If you have an employee who is currently off work (either short or long term) then a report can help you to understand what they can and cannot do in the workplace and if there are any reasonable adjustments for you to consider. We can help advise on cases where the Equality Act (2010) might be applicable and explain what your duties are.

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