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Some health surveillance is required by law, some as a result of a health risk assessment and some conforms to good practice such as fitness to work in certain roles.  At Global OHS we offer a comprehensive range of flexible, cost effective and professional health surveillance programmes throughout the UK.  Our aim is to make this often complex area as easy to navigate as possible so employers can easily fulfil their legal duties but also ensure that their staff are fit and healthy.
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What forms of health surveillance do we offer?

Health surveillance can take many different forms from non-technical surveillance such as questionnaires and skin surveillance to technical forms such as hearing checks (audiometry) and lung function testing (spirometry).  Any health surveillance undertaken is in the least invasive form possible and is always explained to the individual on assessment by the medical practitioner.

Our Safety critical work health assessments include;

The provision of a suitable health surveillance programme is to ensure protection of employee’s health during period of employment.

Risk Assessments

Specific risk assessments should be created to consider those who may be occupationally exposed where there are issues or aspects of the role that are beyond the scope of a generic risk assessment (i.e. exposure to noise or vibrating machinery). Depending on the complexity or specialist knowledge required in your service, the involvement of the Health and Safety team, technical specialists, or external advisors may be required.

This should be documented in your risk assessments, for example physical – noise, chemical – solvents, biological – hepatitis B, TB. 

When it has been identified that there is significant risk of exposure and in situations where this risk cannot be eliminated then health surveillance may be required. Once identified and if appropriate, reviewing how workers are recruited and whether any roles may require any health surveillance is required at pre-placement stage may need to occur.

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