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Our Team

Steve Birchall

Managing Director

Steve is a certified Occupational Health Technician and can regularly be found on sites, carrying out health surveillance. With over 20 years’ experience in customer service and service delivery, Steve brings strong management and business skills to the company.

Pippa Crouch

Clinical Director

Pippa graduated in occupational health in 2007, focusing on wellbeing and preventative measures and has been published on a number of issues including substance misuse and changing culture. She holds a MA in Medical Law and a BSc in Occupational Health. She is a board member of COHPA and including, the Society of Occupational Medicine.

Pippa fosters a positive culture of quality improvement and drives the clinical governance structure and process so that Global OHS can continue to provide best practice and lead quality standards.

Ros - OHS avatar

Rosalind Clarke

Ops Director

I have a background in International Development. I have worked in a number of NGO’s and Government Agencies both overseas and in the UK. My more recent experience included large Change Management assignments for the UK Government International Development sector and Save the Children in Africa.

I am supporting Global OHS to continue to improve their platform to deliver health services to the highest standard. I am proud to support our high quality Global Health Team

Jess - global ohs avatar

Jess Davies

Office Manager

I have spent a lot of my time before Global OHS, working in a customer service-based role. I really enjoy the aspects of being able to spend my days helping people. I’m excited to be now working in the occupational health sector here at Global OHS.

I know I’ll be able to transfer my calm and caring nature to those who need it.

Karin Fletcher - Global OHS - Avatar

Karin Fletcher

Clinical Nurse Manager

Karin has a medical background in high dependancy cardiovascular care and travel medicine, working across Sweden, Thailand and England among other countries.

She is focused on improving workplace health and wellbeing and has run and implemented workshops on the subject.

Alex - Global ohs - avatar smiling

Alex Rhind

Clinical Mental Health Nurse Manager

Alex is a mental health and occupational health nurse with well over a decade spent across different MH service with extensive managerial and clinical experience, holding senior positions in several different NHS trusts. He has led multi-professional teams through highly complex and challenging times, ensuring the highest standard of patient care is maintained.

Alex has a passion for the promotion of good mental health within the workplace and regularly delivers talks and workshops on mental health. He is also trained to deliver critical incident debriefs

Sara Inborr

Occupational Health Advisor

I have worked in various hospital settings, as well as school nursing throughout her 10+ year long career as a nurse. I moved over to Occupational Health when I moved to the UK in 2019 and have since then completed my Occupational Health studies.

I enjoy promoting employee health and wellbeing in the workplace and providing support to employers.

Artjoms Drics

Occupational Health Technician

Artjoms is a certified Occupational Health Technician dedicated to ensuring the well-being of individuals within various work settings. Holding a Master’s degree in exercise physiology, Artjoms has experience working in the field of functional diagnostics, conducting exercise stress tests on patients and athletes, and evaluating their cardiovascular and metabolic responses.

Artjoms’ commitment to excellence ensures top-tier service delivery and the implementation of best practices for clients.

Tania Elkin

Occupational Health Advisor

Tania has worked in various hospital settings before specialising in Occupational Health over 20 years ago. She has extensive OH experience in a wide variety of industries and is passionate about supporting people in work.

She has a special interest in the Performing Arts industry and has completed further qualifications in Performing Arts Medicine at University College London.