Meet Our Team

Our friendly occupational health experts will be your point of contact.

Experienced, helpful staff that help you get the best out of yours.


Steve Birchall

Managing Director

Steve is a certified Occupational Health Technician and can regularly be found on sites, carrying out health surveillance. With over 20 years’ experience in customer service and service delivery, Steve brings strong management and business skills to the company.

Pippa Crouch

Clinical Director

Pippa graduated in occupational health in 2007, focusing on wellbeing and preventative measures and has been published on a number of issues including substance misuse and changing culture. She holds a MA in Medical Law and a BSc in Occupational Health. She is a board member of COHPA and including, the Society of Occupational Medicine. Pippa fosters a positive culture of quality improvement and drives the clinical governance structure and process so that Global OHS can continue to provide best practice and lead quality standards.

Mandy Dale

Office Manager

For the last twenty years, Mandy has worked in many organisations, from Hotel Management to Childcare practitioner. She feels passionate about mental health, movement and wellbeing and feels the movement is often the key to unlocking a feeling of being stuck or resisting.

Rosalind Clarke

Change Consultant

I have a background in International Development. I have worked in a number of NGO's and Government Agencies both overseas and in the UK. My more recent experience included large Change Management assignments for the UK Government International Development sector and Save the Children in Africa. I am supporting Global OHS to continue to improve their platform to deliver health services to the highest standard. I am proud to support our high quality Global Health Team


Karin Fletcher

Clinical Nurse Manager

Karin has a medical background in high dependancy cardiovascular care and travel medicine, working across Sweden, Thailand and England among other countries. She is focused on improving workplace health and wellbeing and has run and implemented workshops on the subject.

Naomi Uludamar

Occupational Health Advisor

With a background in general surgery, Naomi has worked in a variety of settings, including government, private and corporate sectors in the UK and overseas, with extensive experience and knowledge in primary healthcare nursing and report writing. More recent experience includes undertaking functional assessments for the UK government and working in an NHS occupational health setting.

Vicki Loh

Occupational Health Advisor

Vicki started her career as a dental nurse, undertook general nurse training (becoming the shortest nurse to ever qualify and the first to be taken on at the hospital straight from training. Since then she has worked in a variety of areas in OH and loves the fact that you never know who will come through the door.

Holly Storey

Occupational Health Technician

Holly has been an Occupational Health Technician for over ten years now. Her job has taken her all over the UK and she has worked in a variety of industries and settings completing all aspects of health surveillance, health and wellbeing. Holly's main aim is to keep employees fit and well at work and to stay safe within their working environment.