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Who we are

Our aim is to help companies and organisations support their people.
We provide a health and wellbeing service to empower all parties to make positive choices. Resilience makes good business sense.

We at Global OHS believe in looking after the people behind the business. What good is a solid business plan when your staff are unable to undertake the tasks required of them? We are here to make sure that your workforce is in good health and able to work.

Our values

Bespoke approach

Global OHS can offer a flexible and bespoke service which aligns to your company’s values and cultures.

Skilled practitioners

We only use highly skilled practitioners who provide evidence based reports designed to allow you to move cases forward.

Best technology

We keep up to date and abreast of any technological advancement and utilise these wherever possible; our systems, process and equipment are all user friendly.

Caring advice

All the team at Global OHS will listen and we care about you and the people your manager; your business is our business.

Security first

Secure platforms with two factor authentication which are designed to safeguard your data (in accordance with GDPR) and which are easy the use.

Proactive & responsive

The service we provide is responsive and proactive, we work with you to achieve the best for your business.


As of June 2021 we are delighted to announce that we are now an accredited SEQOHS service.

SEQOHS stands for ‘Safe, Effective, Quality Occupational Health Service’ and is a professionally-led accreditation scheme. It is based on a set of standards for occupational health services in the UK and beyond. Occupational health services must demonstrate they meet these standards before they can be awarded SEQOHS accreditation. To become a SEQOHS accredited, we have demonstrated that we have met the required standards.

SEQOHS accreditation provides independent and impartial recognition that our OH service has objectively demonstrated our competence.

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