Managing Sickness Absence & Attendance

Have you considered the impact upon your business when your workers are forced to take sick days? We will help you minimise the frequency of these sick days by making sure your staff are healthy and fit to carry out their jobs on a day to day basis.

We offer one-off management referrals either by video consultation or by phone. We are a small and flexible company and can get you an appointment within a few days of you referring your employee and the report will be ready in one or two days after the appointment. We’ll help you with managing sickness absence & attendance to minimise the impact they have on your business.

Our Management Portal is really easy to use, it will take a minute to set your company up and add the employee, the system will then send the consent form to the employee and it will guide you through the referral questions. We are a small flexible professional team and we will work with you to get your referrals right.

Why should I be aware of sickness management?

No matter the size of the business, when sickness hits it has a negative effect on all concerned. Not only does it directly affect the people who are unwell, it impacts on the day to day functioning, productivity and ultimately the profit margin. Long term sickness can also adversely impact on team dynamics and morale. Almost as damaging as sickness absence is presenteeism which is defined as the problem of employees who are not fully functioning in the workplace. This could be due to illness, or injury but they are at work but their performance is substandard. Some place the cost of presenteeism at 1.6 times the cost of sickness absence so leaving this problem unaddressed is costly in many ways.

How can we help with managing sickness absence?

We know that when employees are engaged and well they are more likely to be more resilient, productive and able to handle change more effectively. They are less likely to have absence due to physical or mental health issues and are less likely to be diagnosed with anxiety or depression. This ultimately means improved staff costs, productivity and performance.

Our attendance management service helps to address these challenges by providing strategies to help manage health and attendance, improving employee (and therefore) corporate health. We are here to offer unbiased, practical and clear advice to support the employee, HR and the Employer. Indeed, the quality of our reports has stood up to Employment Tribunal scrutiny where the judge stated that a Global OHS report provided sensible and helpful advice.

Remote case management

We provide assessments remotely either by video or telephone. Although, this has become more popular because of COVID, our clients tell us that they will continue using this method, as it works as well as the face to face meetings and it saves everyone time and money. If requested, we can still provide a face to face service, which may be required if the case is more complex.

Case conference

Case conferences usually consist of face to face discussion between the employee, their representative (should they wish to invite one), an Occupational Health professional, the line manager and an HR representative.
The conference is an opportunity to discuss any health issues the employee may have and the impact of these issues on their employment. The aim to reach a common understanding of the issues and agreeing a way forward.

By discussing the employment circumstances and medical background of the employee and the Occupational Health recommendations, a case conference aims to reach a common understanding of the issues and to agree a way forward with specific actions, e.g. another appointment at a later date, deciding to ask for consent for GP reports.
This may be particularly helpful where managers have concerns regarding long-term sickness absence; failure of a problem to resolve satisfactorily; queries or difficulty regarding fitness to return to work; the nature of adjustments or restrictions required to allow a return to work or concerns regarding the ability of management to accommodate such adjustments.

Contact us today to talk to our occupational health experts about how we can help you manage sickness and absences in your business.

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“Global OH Solutions provide a fast and comprehensive service that enables us as the employer to support staff with a swift return to work. The quality of the reports enables us to have the precise information you need as an employer in order to support our staff. I would highly recommend GlobalOHS as an OH provider for your organisation.”
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