The Slimmeria Experiment: The Results

Last month I published the Slimmeria Experiment ahead of my week's stay at the beautiful hotel in Crowhurst, East Sussex.

So, now the results;

1.  Did I survive? Well yes, clearly, I did.

2.  Did I enjoy it? Absolutely it was just want the doctor ordered.

3.  Most importantly, what were the results! Well, read on...

Pre-Employment Q&A

Further to the blog in March on pre-employment, we have received a few questions asking for clarity so I thought it would be helpful to put together a brief Q&A.

Health Surveillance
Global OHS Health Checks

The role of Occupational Health (OH) is to support the employee throughout their employment, from assessing a candidate’s fitness to work on commencement of post to ensuring that support is offered in accordance with the relevant legislation.

OH acts in an advisory capacity offering advice to managers to support their employees and help them, where possible, to remain in the workplace. It aims to safeguard the health of the employee by offering health surveillance, determined by statute and best practice, to ensure that the roles and duties do not cause any adverse effects on health as a result. This month’s blog will provide an overview of the types of health surveillance required and covers what your duties are (and what you need to do) as an employer.

Wellbeing Why Bother

More frequently at Global OHS, we are receiving requests from companies for ‘wellbeing days’ and ad hoc ‘Know your Numbers Sessions’.  To be rather frank, these requests are often poorly thought through and in essence are simply a perfunctory measure aimed at satisfying a well-intended notion to address organisational wellbeing.